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Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Random Pictures of Prague

The Castle and Cathedral of Prague at a distance...

Walking the streets and cobblestone corridors of Prague...

Ahh, Prague's tram (street car) system--there is no better way to get around town! The trams commute all around Prague's inner city as well as the extending suburb-like is amazing how one can commute around town via tram easier than with a car.

Some more pictures of Prague (or in Czech "Praha").


  1. I saw that you commented on a Jim St. George in suburban Philadelphia. You commented that his church isn't part of the Old Catholic church. I do know that St. George was ordained by a bishop in the Antioch Church who he later had a very nasty falling out with. I also know that he is a convicted felon. So, if I'm right, by saying his church is part of the Old Catholic Church he's committing yet another fraud? You should check out his blog - Venture of Faith blog. It is filled with multiple bizarre postings about such things as his masturbation habits and his personal tours of the Kennedy compound (given by Teddy Kennedy and his wife).

  2. Dear Anonymous, I do not recall the comment regarding Jim in Philly. The reality is that no one local Church (i.e. diocese) is canonically part of the Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht. There is, however, a pastoral and ministerial presence of Old Catholic in the U.S. - this reality cannot be denied. I would concur with you that if anyone claims unity with the Union of Utrecht apart from the Episcopal Church USA is probably not being completely honest. There are a lot of bizarre people out there, especially in the "independent catholic" world.

    Shalom, ~Bob

  3. Correction: I meant to say there is no one American Old Catholic Church that is in communion with the Union of Utrecht...sorry for the confusion. I type too fast :)